☛  We have over 10 years of experience working in painting and specialize
in the renovation of ancient buildings and historic monuments with conventional
and ancestral clay, gyps, and lime technics.

Notably, in 2008 we created Hylé // Matières subtitles, in the South West of France.

Through this , we have worked with organization such as Hervé Langlois, the European school of Color and Materials, Dauphins Architecture, Co-actions, Cyril Craipeau, Color Rare, Zéa Paysage, Halleches Tor, Europäische Bildungsstätte für Lehmbau. (…)

We offer multiple services independently and in collaboration with many brilliant architects, activists, crafters, artists, scientists, curators, and more.

We specialized in sharing & gathering knowledge about ancient construction, biotech’, architecture, design, urban ecology, and gardening/farming practices

Core competencies include building walls and mural finishes that respond to nowadays last sustainable construction norms. We are able to realize effects and technics such as plastering like marmorino, stucco veneziano, ecologic paintings such as limewash, flour paint, clay paints, and any other types of ornamentations and paintings.

This also includes expertise in the creation of personalized custom color palettes, design interior, gardens, ecologically friendly ovens, and knowledge of using recycled construction materials to create new spaces.

Finally, We offer educational services with content for kids/schools in multiple languages- French, English, Spanish.

Our core motivation is to design personalized, safe, and healthy living spaces as well as work to implement social and political alternatives changes in our society through this craft.

We are looking forward to working with individual clients and institutions and collaborating with organizations working in the ecologic design field and institutions promoting such educational content.