recycled clay oven in Berlin


> Common project of international craftmen Marco Grimm and Paulinho Desbats. Marco is an architect and a permaculture gardener living in Berlin. Paulinho is a painter and a mason based in Bordeaux and Berlin.
We realised this recycled clay oven over the summer 2015 in a secret garden of Berlin.
90% of the materials used were picked up in the garden from old demolished walls or harvest in the bins, streets and hidden places of Berlin. The clay we used comes from Thanks to them for the generous advice and technical support.
Big thanks to our community and helpers.
Much love to the planet Earth.


☛ What is Hylé?

The etymology for “raw material” is wood. With a philosophical point of view, we apply this to the materials that we use.

Citing the definition for democrius: “Subtle Matter > atoms of air (as opposed to those of the Earth).” It was Descartes that stated the same idea: “Subtle Matter > Matter that pervades the Earth”…

Love and Harmony…