Hylé participe à des appels à projet collectif :

Panke > Berlin

Panke > Berlin 
/ A stream of ideas

DJ bar and exhibitions, live acts and performance, movies and workshops are Panke’s focus. Panke opened in March 2011, in a art / studio compound near the river Panke in Wedding, Gerichtsrasse 23, 13347 Berlin.  Panke is interested in supporting edgy creativity that happens away from mainstream culture.  Some areas we are involved in are experimental audio, interactive installation, non-narritive film, performance art and everything else that we believe needs more exposure than it currently recieves.  At the same time, we hope that our space works as a meeting point between creatives and we encourage and look forward to future collaborations in Panke.

Hylé // Subtle Materials has allready push out brushes out in it ! And we are lookin’ forward new collabs into cultural and culinary exchanges in 2012 !
Big Life to panke !!
Links to Linas Kutavicius workshop in september 2011 :
Linas Workshop pictures


Participation as earth assistant co-crafter with the team created by Dolphins Architecture and ZEA Landscapes at International Garden Festival 2012 at Chaumont -sur -Loire. Garden Emeraude is open till october 2012!
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>Video here 

Hylé est une entreprise hébergée par :

Ecole européene de l'art et des matières

The European School of Art and the Material

The European School of Art and the Material is a training center that provides professional material and color design qualifications.

Equipage et Collab’s :

Dauphins Architecture

Dauphins Architecture / Pluridisciplinary Architecture Agency /

Color Rare

Color Rare / Specialist pigments, lime, paints and lime wash: distemper, stucco, but also natural paints and varnishes. In the tradition of color merchants /


Botmobil / Association for the Development of the frame bundle of straw /

Biapi ecosystem

Biapi ecosystem / Researchers convened to discuss environmental issues /

Marine Drouan

Mixher / Art direction – Illustration – Graphic Design – Print+Web+Motion /

Hyein Lee

Hyein Lee / Engineer turned Illustrator / Motion Graphic Designer from Toronto /

ZEA landscapes

ZEA Landscapes / Landscape architects between Nantes and Bordeaux > Gardens & Utopia

Viviana Druga

Viviana Druga / Berlin-based artist who uses photography as her main form of expression, using art as a magical activity that can help the subject discover new dimensions of oneself. /