We offer material and creative direction for decorative wall finishes of contemporary creation as well as refurnishing of old buildings.

Paulinhx Desbats, matter-colourist in wall decor, founded : Hylé // Subtle Materials a sole proprietorship and multi-disciplinary craftsman company in January 2010.
The company works on projects in collaboration with historical monuments, private manufacturers and other recognized and respected companies.

Hylé // Subtle Materials brings contemporary creativity into the age-old field of finishing with technical skills and specific knowledge and experience:

1. Consultation before construction: Analysis and counseling of media before small masonry and painting works.

2. Careful application of materials such as clay, lime and plaster, as well as decorative touches, are the hallmarks of being a matter-colorist.

3. Fair prices in the public and private French and International markets, working with teachers and material suppliers focused on environmental factors such as energy efficiency.
We welcome you to contact us for more information. We’re listening, please ask!